Home Theatre & Stereo Colossus
The Complete Guide To Buying & Using Equipment

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Ian Spielberg

Inside this book you'll learn how to...

Shop for quality audio/video equipment locally, through mail order, or even through the World Wide Web

Deal with aggressive salespeople and their extended warranty plans

Understand the techno-babble (specifications) used by saleseople and techno-freaks

Get a piece of the home theater excitement

Find out which type of Dolby Surround System is right for you

Use any feature on any stereo equipment regardless of type, brand, or age

Find out about the exciting qualities and capabilities of the new DVD format

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About This Book
Chapter 1-Stereo Components

Chapter 2-Receivers
Chapter 3-Tuners

Chapter 4-Preamplifiers

Chapter 5-Power Amplifiers

Chapter 6-Integrated Amplifiers

Chapter 7-Compact Disc Players

Chapter 8-Turntables

Chapter 9-Phono Cartridges

Chapter 10-Cassette Decks

Chapter 11-Reel-To-Reel Tape Decks

Chapter 12-DAT (Digital Audio Tape) Decks

Chapter 13-DCC (Digital Compact Cassette) Decks

Chapter 14-Minidisc Recorders/Players

Chapter 15-DVD (Digital Versatile/Video Disc) Players

Chapter 16-Speakers

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